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Stanovy draft (draft squat).
Squeezing from bars or a press lying.
Rise on socks.

All rules are followed:

- all muscles receive loading at both trainings except calves (as Mentzer and I considers, calves are involved when walking and on it they should be trained less often).
- the most stressful exercises stand at the beginning of training.
- in the program there are no excess exercises.

There is practically the same program as at Mentzer.


1) To put for example a press lying also a press because of the head unreasonably as these exercises are not that other as PARTICLES of ONE MOVEMENT and if to put these exercises at one training that after performance of one of them tired tricepses will not allow to work effectively over another. Quite another matter for a back - thirst for a bottom and stanovy draft it is possible to put at one training as after performance of stanovy draft bicepses get tired not considerably (a static load on bicepses) then it is possible to execute thirst for a bottom.

2) It is also necessary to consider load of the ridge, the most stressful exercises - squats (a press legs) and stanovy draft (draft squat) it is impossible to put at one training because of big load of recovery resources, and also on ridge.

3) If you think nothing in drawing up programs - I advise not to make them for myself and others, and to esteem Mentzer, Dzhounz, and also that section at Vader on muscles of anabolic steroids the person and about exercises (what groups of muscles they influence) and that is selective.

4) This program is "on all body" though is divided into two trainings.

5) I do not advise to include stanovy draft in the program and if you do that better without use of methods of increase of intensity (dangerous exercise better to replace with draft squat - it squats with dumbbells, stanovy draft with a signature stamp "ladder bar" - it was recommended by Richard Uinett in one of the articles, saw Mentzer's photo where it did squats with a bar behind, and the ignoramus Makrobert in the "new" book recommended as absolutely new exercise though I know it years three).

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