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Pharmacological rehabilitation

To a peculiar disease of the athlete is overtraining and sports disease.

The positive influence of training on the body can be achieved with this dosing muscular load, which provides the overall development, training of key physiological functions. For this during the sessions, provides for the alternation of increased muscle activity that causes some degree of fatigue, and recreation, particularly active, which is a prerequisite training. Fatigue cannot be seen as something pathological, harmful to the body, it is a natural condition that occurs under the influence of muscle activity. With a small fatigue increases metabolism, increases muscle tone, become more intense recovery processes. In fact, the effect of fitness is not possible without fatigue. With the intensification of the training process, increasing the strong-willed beginning, the athlete may develop a pathological condition called overtraining.

Causes of overtraining: forced exercise, training power-muscles with increased loads; overloading in training quantitative; training in other, mainly sport; training in the Midlands without preparation; violation of the training regime, rest, sleep, nutrition; physical and mental trauma, intoxication of chronic infection foci; training in a painful condition;

overheating in the sun; lower the body's resistance to physical and emotional stress.

The overtraining may occur at any period of exercise. However, in the beginning of the training, in the preparatory period, the overtraining occurs rarely. The risk of its development increases gradually as improvement of fitness, i.e. in the base period of training. Especially the overtraining frequently occurs in athletes when they are approaching their previously achieved individual records and strive to exceed them.

The overtraining condition includes the condition of training to overtrain, you need to have already powerhelth some, usually high, level of fitness.

The basis for the development of the overtraining stress is exciting and inhibitory processes in the cerebral cortex of the brain.