"I warn you once: will not be easy. The load is very serious. Do not rush to take the ticket immediately. Take the one to start a trial lesson to, in principle, to understand whether you fit this mode of sports activities. "- Coach warned me when I bent to change their trips to the gym group classes
Had something to lose. Firstly, the gym filled with men, which is very nice for any girl. A group of men in fitness in the afternoon with fire will not find, and must be content with a purely feminine company.

Secondly, in the gym, according to the 1 buy steroids online purchased subscription, I can walk at any convenient time for me. With such a focus group fitness not crank. Seven one do not wait, as they say. Therefore, I could not come or late - paid subscription missing training. Finished studying at another time has not come out.

Well, and, thirdly, the pace. In the gym you choose the pace of employment itself: if you want - you do unhurried approach to the implementation of each exercise, and want - to take a super-sets without stopping, loading the one or the other muscle group. In fitness training sets the tempo coach, and there is no place here pauses. In the best case, intense exercise will replace the more loyal march ladders or steps, but really - a sip of water will have no time. But all this I realized much later. Coach, I did not listen and took immediately the monthly subscription. "Well, that can be understood in one workout?" - I was judged and for the most part turned out to be right. So what is it like to this mysterious FITNESS MIX, and everything is so hopeless with him and disadvantageous compared to the gym?

Let's deal together. The first session went great. We alternated dynamic exercises on the steppe and power approaches with the use of dumbbells. I went back to training wet to the skin from the intense pace, but happy and inspired.This enthusiasm was more than enough to experience delayed onset muscle soreness in the muscles and enthusiasm to come to the next exercise. But in the second session began complexity. It was completely filled with intricate chords on the steppe. I was lost in the middle of a workout, and myself in the mirror looked like a piece of wood, which repeat the movement for the coach can not do. As a result, I stood in a corner and a good third of employment. I was feeling neskladÑ‘hoy-loser, and the desire to repeat this a shame not bylo.No gathered all his will into a fist, I still came to the third session. Half again went on a step, and again I was waiting for failure in learning the chords. I desperately did buy anabolic steroids not have time to remember the movement coach. But in the second half of the training we went to the exercises on the fitball. It was a stylish power workout.At first, a little lacking balance, and I often frustrated with fitball, until finally he realized that in order to not slip, it is necessary that both the ball and my legs were in too far could not rubber kovrike.Na subsequent sessions all but the failure of the second training session I was no longer worried. All times were not like one another. We danced Latina engaged with bodibarami, dumbbells, doing sets, consisting of exercises on balance, we have taken strong power blocks on rugs and intense stretching. Whatever the training began, the end of its first third were all wet. Gradually I began to understand the coach. Step Up! Step touch! The tie-in! Diagonal! Threes! Dvoechku top! Down, down! Top-up! There was no more need to spy on the movements of the trainer and shuddering to think that I should continue to do so as not to lag behind the rest of gruppy.Esli after the second class, I was sure that this month will be the only one in my life devoted to fitness mix, after 10 sessions I was almost ready to renew the subscription.

Why? Because fitness mix - it is boring and there is always something new.

Because fitness mix - is the use of a variety of sports equipment.

Because fitness mix - it's always hard and with delayed onset muscle soreness, and thus the effect for the figure.

Yes, fitness mix - it's only a girl, but in the company of like-minded women's comfortable enough.

Yes, fitness mix - this time frame, but they organize more than a free schedule of visits to the gym.

And if you still training at the appointed time did not have time, you can always make up for it with an additional approach to simulators.

Yes, fitness mix - this is quite an intensive continuous training, but also the effect of such activities more visible.